Warcraft Movie ‘Still a Long Ways Away,’ Says Director

Don’t expect to see the World of Warcraft film anytime soon. Director Sam Raimi, who is best known as the director of the three Spider-Man movies and the three Evil Dead movies, was questioned on the red carpet of the Saturn Awards last night and he mentioned that the Warcraft film is “still a long ways away.” He also shared his enthusiasm for the game and talked about what it is that excites him when it comes to the prospect of a WoW film.

Raimi, who was announced as the film’s director last summer, discussed the status of the story, which continues to be developed. He told Collider (via Kotaku), “We’re still working on the story right now… we’ve got a 40-page document that needs a lot more work, but every draft that we do with Robert Rodat gets better and better.” Rodat previously wrote both The Patriot and Saving Private Ryan.

Raimi confirmed the story will take place in-game and not in a world with people playing a videogame, saying, “It [will] be taking place in the world of Warcraft.” He added, “All in the world.”

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